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4 Management Trainingen

Bekijk ook: Kwaliteitsmanagement, Leiderschap, Projectmanagement en Change Management.

Bekijk ook: Kwaliteitsmanagement, Leiderschap en Projectmanagement.


Certified Manager Certification (Management Algemeen)

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placeWoensdag 28 oktober 2020 in AMERSFOORT en 2 andere datums

Results You will learn to: Enhance your management and leadership knowledge, skills and ethics Develop confidence and improve your on-the-jo…


Strategic thinking (also online) (Strategisch management)

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computerOnline: dinsdag 13 oktober 2020 en 3 andere datums

The following subjects are covered: Strategy management in a VUCA world The organization's past The organization's why and (core) values The…


Strategic influencing skills (Strategisch management)

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placeDinsdag 8 september 2020 in EINDHOVEN en 6 andere datums

Results You discover your (hidden) talents when it comes to influencing others You identify your (unconscious) behaviours when faced with ch…


Influencer ® - Change Management Training

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placeDinsdag 9 juni 2020 in Amsterdam en 2 andere datums

The science of behavior change As a manager, how do you ensure your team acts like a real team that works together, strives to achieve targe…