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Bekijk ook: Kwaliteitsmanagement, Leiderschap en Projectmanagement.

Bekijk ook: Kwaliteitsmanagement, Leiderschap en Projectmanagement.


Strategic thinking (also online) (Strategisch management)

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placeOp locatie: maandag 17 mei 2021 in UTRECHT en 1 andere datum
computerOnline: maandag 17 mei 2021 en 1 andere datum

Results You analyse and reflect on your organization's strategy You assess and improve mission and value statements You assess the current …


Certified Manager Certification (Management Algemeen)

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placeDinsdag 1 juni 2021 in AMSTERDAM en 1 andere datum

Results You will learn to: Enhance your management and leadership knowledge, skills and ethics Develop confidence and improve your on-the-jo…


AI Artificial Intelligence for Leaders - Strategisch Management -

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place's-Hertogenbosch, Alkmaar en 44 andere regio's

Management Framework for AI. From vision and strategy to implementation.11. Prerequisites and Implementation tools including Solutions in th…


Influencer ® - Change Management Training

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placeOp locatie: maandag 31 mei 2021 in Amsterdam
computerOnline: maandag 31 mei 2021

The science of behavior change As a manager, how do you ensure your team acts like a real team that works together, strives to achieve targe…