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3 Software Architectuur Cursussen

Bekijk ook: Software Development / Ontwikkeling.

Bekijk ook: Software Development / Ontwikkeling.


Cursus Amazon Architectuur

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date_rangeMaandag 3 juni 2019 in Den Haag en 37 andere data

Tijdens de cursus Tijdens de Cursus Amazon Architectuur krijgt u een uitgebreide introductie in Amazon Web Services. We gaan in op de AWS l…


Software Estimation Certification Training (software architecture)

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What is this course about? Our Software Estimation course will train you to prepare precise estimations for executing a software project, m…


Introduction to Cloud Foundry and Cloud Native Software Architecture

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Does your team use Cloud Foundry to deploy applications? Or would you like to use Cloud Foundry, but haven't had time to learn the lingo? T…